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Our Pastors
Dr Andre Golliday
Dr Pam Golliday

Since I have been in the ministry, I have been able to conquer the dreams that I have always wanted so far. Starting off with me being able to use my faith and travel all the way from Michigan to Florida. On top of moving, I was able to get the job that I have[…]

Being a part of WEICC, our daughter has grown more spiritually than ever before. She has begun to not only live by the word of GOD, but also speak God’s promises whenever she is faced with challenging decisions or circumstances.

As we began to pray together with the Believers at WEICC, we have noticed that the answers to our prayers are manifesting faster than before.

When our family accepted Jesus as our lord and savior at WEICC, and started to learn more about the principles that GOD wants us to live by, we noticed a greater level of peace in our home, marriage and in all of our relationships we have with people.