IMG_3279 (2)About Dr. Pam


Dr. Pamela Golliday affectionately known by her family and friends as Dr. Pam was born native of Benton Harbor, Michigan. She received the Lord Jesus as her personal savior as a child at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church and actively served singing and directing choirs even as a youth. In 1987 Dr. Pam took her relationship with God to another level as she committed herself to a lifestyle of living by faith and she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


Called by God to start and Co-Pastor a church with her husband, she was ordained by Dr. Rod Parsley and became a member of World Harvest Ministerial Fellowship. Later she was ordained by Bishop I.V. Hilliard and became a member of the A.I.M. Fellowship.

She has completed significant collegiate studies to earn her Doctorate in Ministry from Friends International Christian University.


She has developed into an extraordinary leader and speaker, her message is positive, principle based, uplifting and very practical. She founded an internationally trademarked ministry Queens in Training® in 2000. Queens In Training ® is innovative in its mentoring strategies, teaching your young ladies principles they can use their entire life. Covering subjects such as finances, managing relationships, self-image, talents, goals, dreams, academics and much more! Her gift of writing developed over the years and she became an artist with the pen.  She has written several published books and other works including many teaching series, syllabus and even co-published a Christian board-game.


In ministry, Dr. Pam has already successfully accomplished a lifetime of powerful ministries.  Her main operation in the Gifts of the Spirit is that of an accurate Prophetess, in addition she flows quite frequently in the teaching, preaching, singing, and prophetic song gifts.