Whats the point of “attending church” if your life does not get better?  At WEICC you will be given life changing words you can use to have a better life.  If you are seeking a place where you can grow both naturally and spiritually, WEICC is the place where you need to be.


From to moment I have connected with The Embassy, I have learned whats it like to have “peace” in every area of my life.


You learn how to find and apply biblical principles to your life and you actually see results!

Grace of God

The Grace of God is on the Pastors, Ministry and Members.

Favor in Unexpected Places

I have experience the favor of God on my life ever since joining WEICC. I received a partial scholarship for a sport I never played before while in college, favor with teachers, favor on my job when unfavorable situations arose, and the list goes on.  

Committed Pastors

We have pastors who are so  invested and committed to helping the people of God reign in life, that they don’t just preach the word on Sunday, but they give the members assignments to do throughout the week that will help us become doers of the word and not just listeners.  

Reaching Life Goals and Beating the Odds

At WEICC if you are faced with unfavorable situations or have certain goals that you want to accomplish in your life, our pastors provide sound counsel.  Our pastors help you develop a plan that will empower you to accomplish those goals or handle whatever situations you may be dealing with in your life.

I Create My Environment

At World Embassy International Christian Center, we have learned that we can personally create our own environment by using the word of GOD.

Greater Level of Peace

When our family accepted Jesus as our lord and savior at WEICC, and started to learn more about the principles that GOD wants us to live by, we noticed a greater level of peace in our home, marriage and in all of our relationships we have with people.

Answered Prayers

As we began to pray together with the Believers at WEICC, we have noticed that the answers to our prayers are manifesting faster than before.

Children Who Live by the Word of God

Being a part of WEICC, our daughter has grown more spiritually than ever before. She has begun to not only live by the word of GOD, but also speak God’s promises whenever she is faced with challenging decisions or circumstances.

Dreams Become Reality

Since I have been in the ministry, I have been able to conquer the dreams that I have always wanted so far. Starting off with me being able to use my faith and travel all the way from Michigan to Florida. On top of moving, I was able to get the job that I have[…]


World Missions

Be apart of our team that impacts lives by aiding to relieve people in crisis on a global level and local level. Be a Humanitarian; join our worthwhile causes to reach the world.

“Retain the Reign” Groups

We go above and beyond just “normal church”. You will have the opportunity to join weekly online sessions via Video Chat/ Face to Face with a group of your peers about a topic relevant to growth and development in your personal or spiritual life.

Group Church Outings

The Embassy knows how to have a good time, and enjoy Christian life! Once a month we attend a special outing for no reason other than to have fun and enjoy life!

Employment/Career Counseling

We learn “real life” practical applications for personal development and growth in our careers. You can reach your life goals, and we can show you ways to do it.

We would love to see you at our worship service presently located at: 2636 W State Rd 434, Suite 104 Longwood, FL  32779

IMPORTANT: If you can’t join us make sure that you find a faith based, bible teaching church to attend regularly so that you can continue to grow spiritually.

God Bless You from,

Drs. Andre and Pam Golliday


2636 West State Road 434, Suite 104, Longwood, FL 32779