Whats the point of “attending church” if your life does not get better?  At WEICC you will be given life changing words you can use to have a better life.  If you are seeking a place where you can grow both naturally and spiritually, WEICC is the place where you need to be.



Benefits of Being a Member of WEICC


World Missions

Be apart of our team that impact lives by aiding to relieve people in crisis on a global level and local level. Be a Humanitarian; join our worthwhile causes to reach the world.


“Retain the Reign” Groups

We go above and beyond just “normal church”. You will have the opportunity to join weekly online sessions via Video Chat/ Face to Face with a group of your peers about a topic relevant to growth and development in your personal or spiritual life.


Group Church Outings

The Embassy knows how to have a good time, and enjoy Christian life! Once a month we attend a special outing for no reason other than to have fun and enjoy life!


Employment/Career Counseling

We learn “real life” practical applications for personal development and growth in your careers. You can reach your life goals, and we can show you ways to do it.