IMG_3371 (2)About Dr. Andre


Dr. Andre Golliday is a native and Benton Harbor, Michigan and received the Lord Jesus as his personal savior as a child at a Baptist Church.  As a young adult, Dr. Andre was a member of Vision A.D., a gospel recording singing group. He wrote and co-wrote many songs, with a song he authored, “Wounded Soldier”, being nominated for a Stellar Award.


Called by God to found and co-Pastor a church with his wife, he was ordained by Dr. Rod Parsley and became a member of World Harvest Ministerial Fellowship. Later he was ordained by Bishop I.V. Hilliard and became a member of the A.I.M. Fellowship. Dr. Golliday has completed significant collegiate studies to earn her Doctorate in Ministry from Friends International Christian University.


Dr. Golliday has developed into an extraordinary leader and speaker. His message is revelational, inspiring and thought provoking and his school of thought is based in Kingdom principles, leaving his listeners enlightened, empowered and motivated to engage life’s challenges. He has co-written several published books and other works including many teaching series, syllabi, and was the mind behind the exciting Christian board-game, RAPTURE!


In ministry, Dr. Golliday has already successfully accomplished a lifetime of powerful ministries. He has been graced by God to be able to successfully complete God-given visions, and has lead World Embassy International Christian Center to the place that it is today.